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About Us

Medvin2u.net is a one of the best growing medical website to provide service for the medical professionals and to all the peoples through the net. Providing solution through our prepared medical theories like mathematical formulas which are easy to memorise and to recall, pictures, videos, animated videos, daily updates, and immediate answer for questions in health related things by using simple terms/medial terms.

Doctors and all medical professionals are most welcome to upload your contents in your own identification our blogs without any internet or technical expertise.

Medvin2u.net is a private limited company.

It’s a revolution, you can come to a conclusion through this vision, we give solution for your confusion, its our primary motivation.

I dedicate
   to my loving father late Mr.S.Koothan.

Here I am thanking my life promoters


All my teachers and friends.

Along with all of them I personally thank Dr.R.SOUNDRAVEL M.D., An experienced personality help me to shine.

I am thanking Dr.C.Balasubramaniam,M.D.,D.M(Cardio) to raise my speed little more in the speciality.

Last but not least
All Doctors, and Medical Professionals,

As you dedicate your life…….

For the welfare of people…….

I just thought to say thank you…….

Through this show…….



2 Responses so far.

  1. Shawna says:

    The American Association for Respiratory Care is developing an online training course for respiratory therapists and we would like to use your images. What process do you use for allowing others to use your photos and graphics?
    Thank you.

  2. Gina says:

    Thanks for the opp. To be creative, ex3svrsiee…&#82p0; I’m just new to styling and would Love the opportunity to experience the wonder and excitement of one of Australias leading designers- and his Runway Show!

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